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Using An iPhone For Recording

21 Mar

I’ve owned a number of hardware multitrack recorders through the years, and I’ve never really hit on a system that works for me. My intentions have also shifted over time. I’m reasonably content now to take the time on my Mac to put together a proper recording of a song with full arrangement, but I don’t really want to be messing around with cables, sample CDs and vst instruments most of time. Usually, I just want to make a sketch of a song with piano or guitar, a lead vocal and then some vocal harmonies.

to be continued


‘Wonderstruck’ Review

13 Mar

I had only just released my album when I was offered work with Jazz Services, so I somewhat neglected the important task of publicising it (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it). Trawling through my files, I did find this review by jazz critic John Gilbert of ejazznews:

“Musical delights guaranteed to please your flights of fancy Joe Paice does fine justice to Bob Dorough’s classic gem “A Small Day Tomorrow”. An unusual texture to Paice’s voice makes this tune work superbly. Jake McMurchie’s sax solo has all the soul necessary to complement Paice’s hip vocal.

“Wonderstruck” The title tune has a bop feel with Paice’s sparkling and fluent vocal.

This CD demonstrates the varied styles of Joe Paice as he sings his way into your heart with musical delights guaranteed to please your flights of fancy.”

Well, you didn’t think I’d post it if it was critical, did you…?


First Post – CD Baby experiment

1 Mar


To be perfectly honest, I’m still trying to get the hang of posts and pages, and whether I want this to be a static site or a blog. In the meantime, a very minor bit of news – I’ve uploaded a track for sale on Joe Paice CD Baby┬ápage. They call it an album even when you just upload one song. I recorded a quick version of the public domain folk song ‘Johnny Came Marching Home’ so that I wouldn’t have to deal with the whole MCPS thing. I was really interested to see how fast I could get the track recorded and ‘on sale’. 24 hours was the answer. I had to pay for a barcode and there is a fee for the service, but I’m not unimpressed.