Archive | September, 2014

Playing with Rhymes

22 Sep

I was rather childishly proud of this very short little lyric which I set to a tune that switched from 3/4 to 4/4 – purely because of two quadruple rhymes (a bit imperfect now I look again…). I recorded ‘Brief Encounter’ on my album ‘Wonderstruck’ if you want to hear the setting:

Your train heads skywards
3/4 ||   FM9   |   Bbm9   |
Mine remains broken
Cm7   |   B9   |
In vain tread my words
BbM7   |   D7   |
Faint heart unspoken
Gm7   |   C7(#9)   |
It was just a Brief Encounter
4/4 ||   FM7   |   Gø7   C7(b9)   ||
My scheme unravelled
By my inaction
Daydream untravelled
Misplaced attraction
It was just a Brief Encounter
As you take flight inside your train, your face is stored inside my brain